Mansco Going Paperless With Detrack

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Mansco Going Paperless With Detrack

About Mansco

With more than 85 years’ experience of providing fasteners and supply items for various industries, Mansco (formerly known as Manufacturers Supply Company) has a long standing commitment to total customer satisfaction. The company adds value to their customers’ products by providing quality parts, on-time deliveries and superior service.

With locations in Michigan, Alabama and Texas, Mansco has over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space with in-house quality control, bar coded inventory, laser sorting, kitting, light assembly and fastener management programs tailored to the needs of their customers. Mansco offers a professional and knowledgeable sales and support staff to handle their customer’s fastener needs.

Digitize with Detrack

The Mission

Mansco has continually strived to improve its processes and services through employee training and input. Moving forward, the company’s primary objective was to go paperless. The previous system of storing and retrieving proof of deliveries (PODs) was all paper-based filing at multiple locations. They recognized the possibility of increased ROI if the company had the ability to retrieve and send out delivery documents electronically.

Furthermore, the company required a better way of tracking its delivery performances. Mansco wanted the ability to record the actual date and time of deliveries across multiple time-zones in the US, allowing the company to track and report its on-time delivery performance.

Why Detrack?

A large number of manufacturers waste time and resources tracking down physical PODs to deal with various client enquiries. They may also face problems acquiring certain delivery information like real-time vehicle location. Mansco engaged the services of Detrack Systems to provide the company the ability to:

  • Easily generate Electronic Proof of Deliveries (E-PODs) – complete with accurate date/time stamps
  • Conveniently store and retrieve the E-PODs
  • Efficiently track the real-time locations of their drivers


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With Detrack Systems, Mansco successfully:

  • Reduced time spent handling physical delivery documents
  • Managed to retrieve E-PODs from multiple locations
  • Improved overall customer satisfaction

After successfully implementing Detrack to their current workflow, Mansco could immediately recognise significant efficiency improvements in various departments including accounting and customer service. The time spent on manually handling traditional paper documents used to take up 2 hours a day, but digitizing their workflow with Detrack have slashed that time to mere minutes.

Mansco’s manual proof of deliveries that were stored in various remote locations and previously inaccessible are now replaced with Detrack’s E-PODs which can be conveniently stored and retrieved from multiple locations at any time.

What They Say?

Dan Bratt from Mansco

“Proof of delivery documents recorded at our remote locations that used to be inaccessible can now be retrieved easily at all our locations using the same software.

By using Detrack’s first-driver-free policy, I can’t think of a good reason why any company wouldn’t try using them for a mobile proof-of-delivery solution.”



Go Paperless with Detrack today

Along with Mansco, our delivery tracking and electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) solution have also impressed numerous businesses around the world, so download our app on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) now to start digitizing and automating the entire last-mile delivery operations for your delivery business.

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