Making Your Last Mile Deliveries Visible With Nexmo

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Making Your Last Mile Deliveries Visible With Nexmo

For most online sellers and e-commerce retailers, the last mile delivery is the final and probably the only physical touch point with their customers. Unfortunately, it is also the time when visibility is lost the moment the drivers leave the warehouse.

Detrack, a cloud-based vehicle tracking and real-time proof of delivery solution, enables every company that handles delivery to regain visibility during the last mile delivery and share the information in real-time – automatically – with all the stakeholders.

Detrack’s key abilities include:
• Sending automated notifications based on 7 different delivery milestones to staff and / or customers
• Generating electronic proof of delivery (e-POD) completed with signature, photos, time, geo-tags, barcodes and more
• Allowing customers to track and trace their deliveries online
• Collecting customers’ feedback and service ratings

Real-time notifications form an integral part of Detrack’s solution and that is why we are partnering with Nexmo – a leading global cloud communications platform – to enable our users to provide real-time text notifications to their internal staff and customers.

Why Text Notifications?

To ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed throughout the entire delivery lifecycle, Detrack formerly relied on email notifications. While this has worked well for internal staff, our users find that emails are not a reliable mode of real-time communication with delivery recipients, who may not have mobile access to the Internet or are simply not accustomed to checking emails on their mobile.

Text notifications are different.

Efficiently keeping customers informed through text notifications

Most mobile users are used to checking text messages on-the-go and unlike email notifications, there is no need to setup the phone to receive text notifications. This guarantees a much higher real-time delivery rate to the recipients compared to emails.

Working with Nexmo opened the gateway to timely communications that our users can rely on to keep their customers informed at the different delivery milestones.

Since 2010, Nexmo has been committed to making it simple and affordable for companies to innovate mobile technologies. The company’s cloud communications platform enables applications and enterprises to communicate with their customers reliably and with remarkable ease, no matter where they are in the world.

Nexmo’s impressive range of clients include the likes of Alibaba, Airbnb, Expedia, and Viber; all of which are sending millions of messages every month using Nexmo APIs.

With Nexmo, Detrack users can now:
• Send text messages to customers based on the different milestones
• Automate customer track and trace by sending text messages with tracking link embedded
• Inform customers that the driver is en-route completed with ETA
• Send text messages to internal staff to notify them of delivery statuses that require immediate attention e.g. failed or partial delivery
• Send customized post-delivery text messages to solicit customer feedback and service rating

Looking Forward

Exciting possibilities lie ahead as Detrack will soon be launching the much-anticipated route planning and optimization module. Not only will it be able to plan your routes and schedule your jobs, it will also be able to tell you the estimated time of arrival for each and every stop.

Route planning makes it possible to inform customers of their delivery times (way ahead of time and not only when the driver is en-route), and also if their delivery is going to be late e.g. driver misses ETAs for previous stops.

And of course, all this information can be sent to customers in real-time, powered by Nexmo.

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