Issue 17 – Finally. Detrack Version 2.0. Available Now.

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Issue 17 – Finally. Detrack Version 2.0. Available Now.

Hi there,

Today, we are pleased to announce that Detrack v2.0 is available for immediate download on Google Play.

Equipped with more than 20 new features and UI enhancements (and many more under the hood), Detrack v2.0 is designed to bring your last mile delivery experience to a whole new level.

Here are some highlights of this release:

Driver-To-Driver Job Transfer

Easily transfer jobs between your drivers without admin intervention. If your driver needs to transfer the job to another driver to complete, your drivers can now “reassign” the job amongst themselves, without you lifting a finger.

Marketplace a.k.a. Open Jobs

Ever thought about running your own marketplace? You can now open up jobs (optionally with an offer amount) for your fleet or your selected drivers to grab! Once grabbed, the jobs will be automatically assigned to the driver.

Pre-Delivery Text With ETA

Your drivers can now send a pre-delivery text message with ETA (auto-calculated if current location is available) to recipients so that they can prepare to receive their deliveries, or inform your driver if no one is around.

And that’s just the icing on the cake for Detrack v2. Check out the other features below:

•    Better COD Support
•    New POD Options
•    Multiple Item Barcodes
•    Scan To Search
•    Push Notifications
•    Battery Level On Dashboard
•    Delivery Icons To Assist Driver
•    Display Your Logo On App
•    Capture Mass POD
•    Reattempt Completed Jobs
•    Supports Waze & Sygic Trucks
•    View Updated Jobs
•    Courier Mode
•    Hide Unused Menu Options
•    View Location On Map
•    And many more!

To find out more details, read our blog post on the new features right here (warning – this is one long post).

We hope you will enjoy these enhancements to our Detrack App. If our previous version has been working well for you, rest assure that no change is required on your side – Detrack v2 is designed to work pretty much the same way v1 does – thus no re-training is required for your drivers.

iOS Detrack v2, documentation and tutorials will follow soon in the next two weeks. We seek your kind patience while our documentation team prepares the new guides for you and your drivers.

Exciting times lies ahead as Detrack forges on to perfect the last mile delivery experience for you and your customers. Expect more from us in the coming months to deliver you an even more complete and innovative POD solution than ever before.

We wish you a wonderful week ahead!


Team Detrack

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