Impress Your Customers

Impress Your Customers With Tap To Track

Everything is working perfectly. And for us, Detrack seems to be one of the best solutions for B2C deliveries. It really took our business to next level!

Thanks to Detrack, we are the first company in Finland who are sharing driver’s location to end-customers.

Detrack has brought us many new customers, and growth is not stopping!

Väinö VäljaLogistics - eNexus OY

Totally amazing app. This is a game changer especially for SME’s in the last mile transportation industry. If there is more to come I can’t wait. This app singlehandedly made a difference in how we operate and how customers dealt with us. The app was easy for our drivers to use and the dashboard was quick and easy to customise for our business.

Customers loved the fact that they got notifications of their delivery and the details of it almost in real time.

Detrack customer service is amazing. Completely helpful to the very end. If you are in the transportation business install it and use it. You can’t go wrong. Looking forward to the added features yet to come, though I can’t think of what else needs to be added.”

Bevan AgardInformation Technology - Ministry of Finance, Trinidad & Tobago

Key Features

Just One Tap

Let your customers enjoy the convenience of simply tapping on a link via their smartphones to track their deliveries.

Timely Messages

Connect with your customers at the right time so that they can stay informed throughout the entire delivery process.

Location Updates

Impress your customers by letting them see your drivers come to them LIVE on a map — just like Uber and the big boys.

ETA Countdown

Why make your customers wait when they can go about their business knowing exactly when their deliveries will arrive.

Valuable Feedback

Know how your customers feel about your product and service. Collect feedback while the memory is still fresh.

Make It Yours

Personalize your own Tap To Track with your company logo, name, hotline, message and legend descriptions.

The benefits of Detrack delivery tracking system is multifold: ease of use, cost-effective and providing real-time information and intelligence to facilitate job coordination to our CS Team and any interested parties thereby improving overall customer service level.

The Tap To Track function adds another layer of customer satisfaction through its provision of Uber-like visibility via customers’ mobile gadgets.

The team at Detrack is extremely helpful. It is indeed a delight to work with all of you!

Ker Mei LinCustomer Service & Operations - Kerry Distribution (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Watch How Tap To Track Works

Start impressing your customers today — your first driver is free!