Glossary of Delivery Terms

Chain of Custody

What is chain of custody in shipping?

Chain of Custody or (CoC) is a documented process that tracks the handling, custody, and transfer of goods from their origin to their final destination. Essential for sensitive items like medical supplies, it ensures compliance with strict regulations, maintaining the integrity and safety of the products throughout their journey.

FAQ about Chain of Custody

How do I maintain chain of custody during last mile deliveries?

For last mile deliveries, the chain of custody is involved in several key steps. Including proper documentation, secure handling of packages, verification process via proof of delivery, seal integrity of packages, and real-time updates to all relevant parties.

Are there special chain of custody protocols for sensitive goods?

Yes, sensitive goods such as medical supplies, legal documents, or hazardous materials often require additional chain of custody protocols such as enhanced security measures, temperature control, adherence to regulations, detailed record-keeping, and specialized training. Check your local regulations to ensure compliance.

How can digital technologies enhance chain of custody in deliveries?

Digital solutions can greatly enhance visibility of the chain of custody for deliveries. Through GPS tracking of packages, digital signatures, RFID tags, and mobile apps, software such as Detrack, can help document and track packages, trucks, and drivers from start to finish.

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