Geocoding Artificial Intelligence

Bringing Artificial Intelligence To The Last Mile

Meet George. The Dawn of a New Era.

Learn At Scale

Learn from your drivers — all at once. Be it one driver, ten, hundreds or even thousands of them.

Transfer Experience

Transfer knowledge from your experienced drivers to your entire fleet. Get new drivers up to speed in no time.

Make Optimization Accurate

Finally, you can optimize your routes accurately because your geolocations are now accurate.

Enable Real-time Tracking

Any address — no matter how it’s written — can now be mapped and used for LIVE tracking with ETA countdown.

Self-correcting System

Not all location signals are accurate. George learns and corrects geocoding and GPS inaccuracies — automatically.

No Internet? No Problem

Learn the geolocations of addresses even in areas with poor or no Internet connectivity — powered by Detrack’s offline mode.

Unfair Advantage

Leverage on our proprietary algorithm and massive database of hundreds of millions of data points right from the start.

Global Coverage

George is not bound by any geographical limit. He will learn your addresses in your language, in your country.

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