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Route planning is now easier than ever – with our intelligent and reliable software, turn hours of work into just a few seconds.

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Advanced Route Optimization

Effective route optimization is crucial for any company that relies on a delivery fleet. With effective route planning software, businesses can reduce fuel consumption and operating costs and increase the number of deliveries per day, improving customer satisfaction and overall profitability. It’s a win-win situation for every business.

By simply adding Detrack Route Planning into your workflow, you can reduce the following:


Vehicles Needed


Driving Time



Benefits of Detrack Routing

Increase efficiency

By optimizing route planning, your drivers can minimize the distance traveled, save time, and complete more jobs per day. This immediately increases productivity for your business.

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Route Planning Software Deliveries

Reduce operational costs

Detrack’s route planning software saves you money. Our clever algorithms reduce the fuel consumption required for deliveries. The efficient use of vehicles also helps businesses reduce maintenance costs.

Generate routes for 100s of jobs

With just a few clicks, quickly and easily generate routes for hundreds of jobs. No more tedious plotting and planning for your administrator.

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Route Planning Software parameters

Customize your routes

Detrack has a rich set of routing parameters to cater to your customized needs. Rest assured that your routes are planned in according to your business requirements and driver preferences

Scale with your needs

As your operations scales in complexity Detrack Routing grows with you. Use Groups to segregate jobs only for specific sub-users and create Zones to assign jobs to drivers to efficiently serve their designated area.

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Why businesses love Detrack

5-Star Reviews

Quotation Mark

Exceeded my expectations.

It has served my business well, managing over 800 drivers with over 10,000 deliveries a day.

We are looking forward to growing our company and have Detrack Routing grow with us.

David C

5 star rating
Quotation Mark

A real time saver and eye opener!!

A real efficient system with amazing capabilites. Would recommend to anyone looking for a dynamic and efficient easy-to-use system as part of their routing needs.

Loved using the platform, easy to use and extremely intelligent!

Stephen S

5 star rating
Quotation Mark

Wonderful bit of software.

It cut our time in half with the help of Detrack Routing. Giving us more time to focus on the important sides of the business.

Neil R
IT Manager
Food Production

5 star rating

4.8/5 Rating

4.9/5 Rating

4.9/5 Rating

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What is Route Planning?

Route planning is the process of determining the most efficient and cost-effective routes for vehicles to take when making deliveries or service calls. It involves analyzing factors such as distance, traffic conditions, delivery schedules, and vehicle capacities to optimize route efficiency.

How Does Detrack's Route Planning Solution Work?

Detrack’s route planning solution utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze delivery data and generate optimized routes for vehicles based on various factors such as delivery locations, time windows, vehicle capacities, and traffic conditions. It helps businesses streamline their delivery operations and minimize time and fuel consumption.

What are the Benefits of Using Route Planning Software?

The benefits of using route planning software include reduced fuel and maintenance costs, improved on-time delivery rates, increased driver productivity, minimized mileage and vehicle wear and tear, enhanced customer satisfaction, and overall optimization of delivery operations for maximum efficiency.

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