Let Customers Track Deliveries At Your Website

May 24, 2014

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Detrack Dashboard

If you are using Detrack’s vehicle tracking and proof of delivery solution, you can now let your customer track their delivery with real-time updates right at your website – with no additional charges. You are free to use our tracking widget on your website with one or more devices running Detrack. With immediate time to market, you can own the business advantage of giving your customers the option to do their own tracking instead of calling your customer service staff.

How to start?

In a few easy steps with the help of your IT personnel, your company can have the tracking widget installed on your website in no time. In fact, we have users who went live with Detrack’s tracking widget in just a matter of minutes. To find out how you can install our tracking widget on your website, you can access our tutorial right here.

Take the opportunity to enhance the trust of your customers and brand image of your company by adding customer live delivery tracking capability to your operations. At the same time you get to enjoy the time and cost savings of reduced customer support calls.

Should you need help with the installation, just drop us an email at info@detrack.com and our friendly staff will provide assistance as soon as we can.


Fanny See

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