Having A Great Internship, Nina?

July 22, 2019

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Like the seasons, interns come and go at some companies like clockwork, and with no fanfare.

For us, every internship ending feels like a bad breakup, or the end of your favorite show on Netflix. It’s bittersweet, it’s confusing, and it’s not something we like. Especially if the intern is a Totoro-obsessed pint-size ball of fun.

In her final month here, we’re making it our mission to ensure Nina’s internship is as most memorable for her as possible.

The baby sister we never had

Joining the family since May all the way from Jakarta is Sesilia Fenina Gunawan aka Nina.

Welcome to Detrack, Nina
Welcome to Detrack, Nina!

Out of this world focus-level

Nina struck a chord with me from day one when she started off her profile on the company page with “I am born with nothing so I can become anything”. It was such a Beyoncé-level boss thing to say.

Our latest intern stood out even with her quiet demeanor as she was always so laser focused while busy coding away.

Nina laser-focus
Laser focus

You’d see our other engineers occasionally take breaks. Some pace back and forth in deep thoughts, while others straight up yell in frustration. But every time I passed by Nina on my way to the pantry (which admittedly is frequent), she’s always cool as a cucumber, snuggling her Totoro.

Relationship Internship Goals for Nina

During her time with Detrack, Fenina has successfully created unit and integration tests along with user documentations.

The Engineering student from Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) has been like a kid sister to all of us at Detrack, especially the more experienced engineers. They’re been working with her daily, even helping her create both a .NET and Java client library.

Nina & Totoro
Nina & her bff

Going out with a bang!

It has been an absolute pleasure spending time with Nina for the last few months. When her internship comes to an end next month, we’ll definitely miss having her in the office and getting secretly annoyed by her during our regular badminton sessions (she’s tiny, but she’ll kick your ass!).

The various lessons she’s learnt while she creating the client library on her own will prove invaluable and can never be done by solely reading a textbook. As much as we love our fun-size intern from Indonesia, the best feeling was getting to see Nina not only completing her internship objectives, but demolishing them altogether.

You go, girl!

Nina ElasticRoute
She’s tiny but she’ll kick your ass at badminton!

Check it out

If you want to see all of Nina’s hard work in action, sign up for a FREE account now to enjoy the full benefits of Detrack, including the live tracking of all your deliveries, automated notifications at various milestones, and our award-winning electronic proof of deliveries (E-PODs), among many other features.


Dason Goh

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