POD App: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Like everything else in our lives right now, there’s probably an app out there to help us out. If you are in the logistics business or if your company needs to handle deliveries, then you would fully appreciate the value of a good POD (Proof of Delivery) app.
What are POD apps?
POD apps are mobile apps that delivery drivers can directly […]

What is Proof of Delivery?

A proof of delivery functions very much like a receipt except that it is to prove that a delivery has been completed rather than a purchase has been made.

A receipt is defined as a written acknowledgment of having received, or taken into one’s possession, a specified amount of money, goods, etc. They are universally known as the official document confirming […]

Cut Your Paper Trail With Detrack’s Paperless System

Want to cut your carbon footprint and eliminate cumbersome paper delivery orders? Detrack now offers you a paperless delivery order and proof-of-delivery system that is efficient, informative, convenient and almost fully automated. Invoicing your clients can potentially be done within just minutes after a delivery is completed.

All the essential delivery details are fed from the Detrack dashboard direct to the […]