Quick Start Guide

Vehicle Tracking & Proof Of Delivery

1. Download App

After signing up for an account, download our free Detrack app from App Store or Google Play and register for a Detrack ID using the app. Next, add a device with the Detrack ID in your dashboard and you are now ready to start tracking and assigning deliveries to it.

Detrack Android App Icon

2. Add Deliveries

Click on the Jobs tab in your dashboard and select the date to add your delivery. In the Add Delivery form, Notify email is optional — fill it up if you wish to send a delivery update to it. You can choose to assign the delivery to a device immediately or later.

Detrack Add Delivery

3. Start Tracking

Open our Detrack app and click the Start button to download the list of deliveries assigned to the device. The list will be regularly sorted with the delivery location nearest to the device’s current location at the top. You can now start tracking your vehicles.

Detrack Map

4. Capture Proof Of Delivery

Once the recipient receives the delivery items, your driver can capture signature proof of delivery immediately via our Detrack app. Or if the recipient is not around, your driver can capture a photo of the location as proof that delivery has been attempted.

Capture Proof Of Delivery

5. Just Tap 'n Go!

After capturing POD, your driver just need to tap on the green (“tick“) button, tap confirm, and quickly move on to the next delivery while our Detrack servers will send out all the delivery notifications to you and your customers automatically in the background.

Detrack App