SGS Logistics Offer Customers Driver Management Tech

With hundreds of logistics companies based in Australia alone, organizations have to ensure they have what it takes to stand out and survive in this cut-throat industry.

The importance of customer service is one key aspect that stood out in the dedicated delivery business, and surprisingly, how little time was actually spent focusing on this particular issue. Fortunately, the cries of […]

Issue 24 – Print Your Runsheets

Hi there,

Your business continuity matters to us.

Unforeseen circumstances such as your drivers’ phones running out of battery or an unexpected outage with your local mobile service provider can easily throw a monkey wrench into your well planned day.

But with Detrack’s latest Runsheets feature, we have you covered.

In just a few clicks, you can now download and print your drivers’ runsheets […]

Detrack’s Journey Down The Emerging Enterprise Award 2015

It has been a rewarding and exciting time for Detrack as we embarked on the journey of participating in the Emerging Enterprise Award 2015  jointly organized by The Business Times and OCBC Bank, supported by MasterCard®, RSM Chio Lim, Singtel, ACORN Marketing & Research Consultants, INSEAD and SPRING Singapore.

It is Detrack’s first run for this award launched in 2008 which […]

Issue 21 – Text Messaging Now Heading Your Way

Hi there,

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of our automated rule-based text messaging feature, specially designed to bring your customer service level to greater heights without breaking a sweat!

Our engineers have re-invented how notifications work in Detrack by creating a new rule-based system where it will trigger text (or email) messages based on the different milestones you select, […]

Keeping Your Customers Informed

We have designed a very flexible rule-based system for you to automate the job of keeping your customers informed throughout the entire last mile delivery process.

You can configure and select different milestones to fire off text messages to your recipients – automatically. The messages are customizable for the different milestones.

Here’s what it can do for you.

So how does it work?
There […]

Delivery Order Templates For You

Delivery Order (DO) or Delivery Docket (DD) is a document from a consignor, shipper or owner, allowing the transportation and release of cargo to a third party. It is an essential piece of evidence used as the proof of goods delivered in good order. In fact, most companies are only able to start billing their customers when the DO is […]

The Annual Revenue Base Of The Global 3PL Industry Is Now Estimated To Be Nearly $750 Billion

It is evident how the world’s demand for last mile deliveries have created the demand and increased, tremendously, the revenue potential of 3PLS. Quoting from an article by Robert C. Lieb, PH.D Professor Of Supply Chain Management at the D’Amore-Mckim School of Business at Northeastern University,

“The scale of the 3PL industry has increased tremendously since my first CEO study was […]

Things An E-Commerce Company Should Look Out For When Setting Up A Warehouse

The very core supporting every e-commerce company is its supply chain, logistics and delivery. Therefore, the success and sustainability of an e-commerce company becomes deeply reliant on how well the company plans and manages its supply chain – from the warehouse to the last mile delivery.

When we talk about supply chain, we must address the question of a warehousing solution. […]